Scholarly ArticleTypographic Slogan In Nation Branding

Typographic Slogan In Nation Branding

Typography, Slogan, And Analysis In National Branding

Focusing on typographic slogan in nation branding while considering the relationship between nation branding and typography. The importance and benefits of typographic slogans within the scope of nation branding as features:


  • Incorporating typographic slogan in nation branding gained importance as a motivating factor for place tourism.
  • Typographic slogans have a strong sense of belonging and can emotionally connect people with the places.
  • Typographic slogans have verbal and visual meanings. Since it also includes the auditory dimension, it appeals to feelings and emotions more than symbols.
  • In addition to typographical slogans, a font family with local features widens the scope of the brand; It also allows it to be used in advertising campaigns, local and national correspondence, information, and guidance designs.


According to the research made and a comprehensive literature review on the typographic slogans of Estonia and Slovenia. The importance and benefits of typographic slogans were established after examining the design principles.


Based on the design principle, the errors that occur in the structuring of the national brands show that the designs may also contain erroneous determinations. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that the needs of the nation brands are determined correctly and that all units responsible for the branding process like agencies, graphic designers, and typographers should work together to exchange ideas.


Based on comprehensive evaluations made with sample comparison and expert opinion methodology. It was found that Estonian’ typographic slogan emphasized an independent, clean environment and digital society. While Slovenia’ typographic slogan also focused on the national identity in a strong emotional way in the region.


Examining the responsibilities of Agencies from these two countries. Graphic designers and typographers, all have a great responsibility in structuring the typographic slogans of nation brands in order to accurately determine and evaluate the design needs. There is a need for unique perspectives that are designed with a correct understanding of the target audience.


The conclusion is that the Method of analysis should be determined according to its purpose, a high sense of belonging, preserving structure by not containing exaggerated decorative elements, sustainability, balanced in terms of color and shape, legible and understanding, simplicity and untested in the field of design.


The designs handled with this vision are able to maintain their success as timeless nation brands that survive by adapting to the times, even after years.



Serra Kiziltas is an Istanbul-born Academician, Professional Graphic Artist, and World Arts Explorer. B.A. and M.A. in Graphic Design at Yeditepe University. Ph.D. candidate in Art and Design at Yıldız Teknik University. A multilingual academician who has a cut-through working experience in public and private universities as a lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design. Also an experienced In-House graphic designer in print, interactive, and digital design projects. As an entrepreneur, she owns and manages a few establishments like her design studio where all the magic is being performed, and a consultancy company that provides general services in information technology. She’s also an adventurer and through these many world travel experiences, she gained a direction in her work and research as an Experiential designer.