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Dynamic Typography Identities

Dynamic Typography Identities: Melbourne and New York City Case Studies

Dynamic Typography Identities are the key to the uniqueness of the visual identities of individual cities.


City identities that are unique are, easy to remember, different, have positive associations with visitors, and assist in the promotional activities of the regions. A strong connection is established between the image of the city and its visual identity and therefore the chosen typography.


The fact that cities have their own logos and fonts attracts people’s attention by creating awareness in this field. Handled with this approach, Dynamic Typography Identities have become a method adopted by many cities with the development of technology.


With the research that focused on the subject of dynamic typography city identities, considering the relationship between dynamic identities and typography. The importance and benefits of dynamic identities within the scope of city brands were explained.


A case study of Melbourne and New York City with a comprehensive literature review made on the dynamic identities of the cities of Melbourne and New York and more comprehensive evaluations were made with sample comparison and expert opinion methodology;

It was found that Melbourne’s identity allows for creative freedom as it can be used in different projects, in different ways, and on different platforms. This new approach to a city brand is represented to be an easily recognizable, multifaceted, creative, cultural, and sustainable city.

On the other hand, New York’s identity was found to be blended and transformed image and typography into a pattern. The logo which transformed into a dynamic structure by changing its image, dimensions, and colors according to the place it is applied, has been expressing the complex structure of the city that embraces all possibilities.


Dynamic identities which turned into a visual story, it has been reflecting the experiences, interests, and perspectives of people and presented the wide spectrum of cities to the audience.


Serra Kiziltas is an Istanbul-born Academician, Professional Graphic Artist, and World Arts Explorer. B.A. and M.A. in Graphic Design at Yeditepe University. Ph.D. candidate in Art and Design at Yıldız Teknik University. A multilingual academician who has a cut-through working experience in public and private universities as a lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design. Also an experienced In-House graphic designer in print, interactive, and digital design projects. As an entrepreneur, she owns and manages a few establishments like her design studio where all the magic is being performed, and a consultancy company that provides general services in information technology. She’s also an adventurer and through these many world travel experiences, she gained a direction in her work and research as an Experiential designer.