Scholarly ArticleCountry and City Logos Marketing

Country and City Logos Marketing

The Analysis of Country and City Logos by Place Marketing Approach

In today’s world place, tourism has become a major source of finance for most countries and places. We examined how the increase of globalization has formed a competing stage of Country and City Logos Marketing for places around the world. 


The struggle of manifesting themselves on an international platform has introduced the term “branding”. Branding made it easy for them to identify, differentiate each other, and most importantly to market themself to gain an upper hand ahead of their competitor. 


This made many countries and cities to follow the brand strategy which has offered themselves; by having their own brand identity, logo, and motto which has expanded the usage of this term. In this article, the brand term has been rediscussed which determined the role of the relation between city identity and it is brand. The process of identity creation of the cities and countries has determined and logos of the cities and countries analyzed by the touristic, economic, and cultural feedback.


The visual identity designs of countries and cities have been one of the biggest steps in making progress in the tourism sector.

Today, it is seen that countries and cities that do not have a determined brand image, visual identity, and logo are ineffective in local and international platforms. 

While it is seen that historically rich countries and cities emphasize their cultural heritage, diversity, and differences in their logos. It is seen that they prefer modern logos with today’s design understanding by glorifying the positive aspects of newly restructured countries and cities with fewer historical backgrounds than others. 

Both preferred routes lead to an exit point. In both ways, the opportunity to develop and advance in areas such as tourism, economy, and trade is offered to countries and cities by addressing brand creation, identity creation, and marketing strategies. 


Thus, the importance of visual identity designs and logos, which play an important role in the development of countries and cities, is increasing exponentially. 



Serra Kiziltas is an Istanbul-born Academician, Professional Graphic Artist, and World Arts Explorer. B.A. and M.A. in Graphic Design at Yeditepe University. Ph.D. candidate in Art and Design at Yıldız Teknik University. A multilingual academician who has a cut-through working experience in public and private universities as a lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design. Also an experienced In-House graphic designer in print, interactive, and digital design projects. As an entrepreneur, she owns and manages a few establishments like her design studio where all the magic is being performed, and a consultancy company that provides general services in information technology. She’s also an adventurer and through these many world travel experiences, she gained a direction in her work and research as an Experiential designer.